Trigon.io is a multiplayer game in which players battle against each other in an online arena. Use clever strategy and tactics to destroy each other. You can gain points, buy upgrades and rise up the leaderboard as you gain power. Choose a name, class and ability. The class is the type of your ship and determines your strengths and weaknesses. Your ability is like a super power that you can use to surprise other players. Click to shoot, and you will move in the oppositie direction. Hit the space bar to activate your ability. If you are using an adblocker, please consider disabling it as a free and easy way to support us. Also, please share the game via social media.
Trigon.io uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the client side. It is powered by Node.js on the server side, which is a JavaScript environment. We use Namecheap for static hosting and domains, and DigitalOcean for dynamic hosting.
Thank you for playing!

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